social transformation with impact

Kaleidoscope Transformation understand social transformation; It's more than just a programme of delivery

It can be more than just an endeavour to save more

It's a journey to generate meaningful change to create better outcomes for those around us…

Kaleidoscope are a new wave of strategy and transformation consultants, specialising in driving complex social transformation across government, drawing from real world experience, to unlock the value of our collective impact.

Our core principles to solving our clients complex problems...

what we do

what we do

Leverage Our clients combined strengths to go from good to great

Unlock The true outcome of your business case by hard coding a line of sight from outcome to inputs

Enhance Your transformation capabilities by establishing an integrated, whole programme culture of delivery

Balance The Outcome with time, cost and quality debate in decision making

Establish An evidence based approach to decision making from the c-suite through to the operational line based on a single source of the truth

the products

the products the products

Working with you to translate your aspirations in to a viable concept and deliverable vision.

Delivery Strategy & Architecture Development
Starting from leadership accelerated strategy development workshops through to working out what your strategy should look like on the ground. We Work with you to translate your vision in to an effective and efficient framework for delivery. Designing everything from the delivery work streams through to programme governance and controls, programme design and reporting structures.

Mobilisation & implementation Lead
Mobilising to set-up and implement your new programme, leveraging your existing organisational capabilities where possible and recruiting appropriate skills and capabilities as required. Working as your trusted advisor to ensure your delivery frameworks are optimised while maintaining a line of sight to outcomes and benefits. Our approach is to balance the equation between Benefits and time and costs of delivery.

our values

our values our values

We work with...

  • Honesty & integrity to do what is right for you, with you
  • Open & transparent so you and your people come along the transformation journey knowing the full picture
  • Drive & persistence to get you where you need to in the most efficient and effective way
  • Innovation by incorporating fresh ideas and approaches, tried and tested elsewhere but adapted for you, to take a risk managed approach to create the social impact you desire {and more}
who we are

who we are

KT has been built from experience of social transformation with
Our partners include...

Ruchi Singh

Tel: 07764 988 575

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Ruchi Singh

Tel: 07764 988 575

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